Intelligent queuing for garden centres

The Jade Intelligent queuing solution removes the need to wait in a line by placing your customers in a virtual queue, keeping them updated on their place and automatically letting them know when it’s their turn. Customers can place themselves in the queue on the day using their phone or in-store kiosks, or book their place in advance from the comfort of their own home.

Talk to us about intelligent queuing for garden centres

What if instead of waiting in a line to pay, your customers could continue browsing your products?

What if instead of queuing outside in the cold, your customers could wait in their car and stay warm?

What if instead of queuing to get a hot drink or food, your customers could spend more time in your store?

Why you’ll love it


Reduced queuing time means more shopping time
Rather than having your customers physically restricted to standing in a queue and limited to browsing point of sale products only, intelligent queuing systems allow them to continue browsing the whole store. More browsing is likely to lead to more purchases which directly affects your bottom line.

Happy customers return
Nobody likes having to queue, and so stores that totally eliminate the need to queue are far more appealing than competing stores who are stuck in the past. Adopting intelligent queuing gives you the edge in providing the best customer experience. Happy customers return time and time again, which means they spend more money in your stores and not your competitors.

Socially distanced queuing
Being able to provide customers with a socially distanced service is more important than ever before. Intelligent queuing systems allow customers to use their own devices reducing the need for contact or proximity.

How it works

  1. Your customers can enter the virtual queue in-store using a small kiosk or via their own phone
  2. They receive immediate notification and their current position in the line
  3. At any stage they can check their position or leave the queue if they want more time
  4. When it’s their turn they receive an automated SMS with instructions

Tech talk


Our intelligent queuing technology uses a combination of technology, selected based on your requirements. In its simplest form, a location requires nothing more than a site licence and a mobile device or tablet in order to manage the staff functions. Customers wishing to join the virtual queue do so using their own mobile phone. The mobile solution can be supplemented by dedicated in-store touchscreen devices, waiting displays and physical ticket dispensers – all linked to a central administration system.

For enterprise customers, individual stores can be linked to a single account, providing a business-wide view of operations and allowing for intelligence and analytics to be compared.

Completely customisable


  • Generate unique URLs or QR codes for use in your marketing campaigns
  • Supplement the solution with printed tickets & in-store displays
  • Customise your messaging and on-screen notifications
  • Completely brand every aspect of the solution
  • Automatically add customer feedback surveys to the process

Who can benefit?


The flexibility of our intelligent queuing system means that it can be applied to almost any sector where you experience queues. We’ve seen applications within retailers, coffee shops, restaurants, car hire, garden centres, gyms and more. Across all these examples the benefit remains the same – giving your customer a much more positive experience and saving them time, whilst at the same time increasing your opportunity to make sales.

5 reasons why customers love Jade


  1. Our team have been installing solutions in the UK retail sector for over 20 years
  2. We specialise in out of hours installation, minimising disruption to businesses
  3. Deploying technology at pace over multiple sites is our speciality
  4. We only ever provide the highest quality equipment, designed to last in a 24-hour, 7 days a week environment
  5. All hardware is covered by our next day on-site engineer or device swap-out service

Garden centres are so much more than just a place to shop. For many they are a real social occasion – a place to meet and dine. Intelligent Queuing can be the icing on the cake of a great visit, allowing customers to enjoy the centre rather than waiting in a line.


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Talk to us about intelligent queuing for garden centres

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