Intelligent queuing for museums

The Jade Intelligent queuing solution removes the need for your visitors to congregate outside the gallery or specific exhibition halls, by instead placing each visitor in a virtual queue that is accessed via their mobile phone.

Visitors can place themselves in the queue on the day as they arrive or book their place well in advance from the comfort of their own home.

Once they’ve arrived, simple SMS messages keep them updated on their place and automatically alerts them when it’s their turn.

Talk to us about intelligent queuing for museums

Talk to us about intelligent queuing for museums


Take the stress out of visitor queues

What if instead of long queues outside, visitors could book a slot online in advance and enter in a steady stream.

What if instead of congregating in busy areas outside an exhibition hall, visitors could book themselves in via QR code and only come forward when they are notified that its their turn?

What if instead of counting in visitors one by one and managing visitor numbers within exhibitions, your staff could see at a glance how many people there are?


Why you’ll love it


Free up time for your staff 

The intelligent queuing solution takes the admin pressure off your staff, allowing them to concentrate on customer experience rather than queue management.


Socially distanced queuing

Being able to provide visitors with a socially distanced service is more important than ever before. Intelligent queuing systems help take the stress out of social distancing by managing the volume and flow of visitors.


Give customers the best experience

Minimised queuing time allows visitors to relax and enjoy their visit without the stress of endless queues and social distancing in a busy environment.

How it works

  1. Your visitors enter a virtual queue using their own mobile phone or an optional in-gallery kiosk
  2. They receive immediate confirmation of their position in the queue
  3. At any stage they can check their current position or leave the queue if they want more time
  4. When it’s their turn they receive an automated SMS with instructions
  5. Gallery staff can monitor the queue at all times, seeing how many are waiting

Tech talk

Our intelligent queuing solution uses a combination of technology, selected based on your requirements. In its simplest form, a location requires nothing more than a site licence and a mobile device or tablet in order to manage the staff functions.

Customers wishing to join the virtual queue do so using their own mobile phone. The mobile solution can be supplemented by dedicated in-store touchscreen devices, waiting displays and physical ticket dispensers – all linked to a central administration system.

If you run multiple locations then individual galleries or exhibitions can be linked to a single account, providing you with a business-wide view of operations and allowing for data between sites to be compared.

Completely customisable

  • Generate unique URLs or QR codes that make it easy for visitors to register
  • Supplement the solution with printed tickets & in-gallery displays
  • Customise your messaging and on-screen notifications
  • Completely brand every aspect of the solution
  • Automatically add customer feedback surveys to the process
  • Roll-out across multiple sites if required

5 reasons why customers trust Jade

  1. Our team have been installing and supporting solutions across the UK for over 30 years
  2. We are technology experts and have a deep understanding of how to get the best out of system
  3. We only ever provide the highest quality equipment, designed to last in a 24-hour, 7 days a week environment
  4. If you choose on-site equipment, then it can be covered by our next day on-site engineer or device swap-out service
  5. Our support team is based in the UK and always available on the end of the phone if you have any problems

The Tate Modern

The Tate Modern has introduced the Jade intelligent queuing solution to help manage the visitors to its main exhibition.

Our cloud-based queuing solution places visitors into a virtual queue, helping to prevent a build-up of people at the entrance to the main exhibition and limit the numbers at any one time, whilst making sure no-one misses out on seeing it.

Completely virtual, the solution involves a QR code displayed at various points within the gallery and outside the exhibition itself. Visitors scan the QR code using their mobile phone and are then placed in a virtual queue. They maintain their place in the queue and when they reach the front of the queue they are asked to make their way to the exhibition entrance via mobile phone alert.

Talk to us about intelligent queuing for museums

Talk to us about intelligent queuing for museums


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