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Ensuring the wellbeing of both your customers and employees is essential when opening your business back up post-COVID-19. With heightened anxiety around new guidelines and changing shopping behaviour, it is vital your business has the solutions it needs in-line with the latest COVID-19 regulations. With Jade’s range of unrivalled solutions, you can be assured that you are provided with the most up to date technology resulting in high customer and employee satisfaction.

There are several changes which have come into effect as an outcome of COVID- 19. From controlling the capacity of your workplace to enforcing social distancing; the world has seen a radical change and we understand that this can be tough on businesses – unless you find an efficient solution.

Monitoring customer flow

With the Sky-Fii people counting sensor, you can implement a safer working environment for your employees on the shop floor, but also measure how many customers are in a certain area at once. This handy piece of equipment can offer a reliable solution for many business sectors including; healthcare, retail and construction sites. For many retail businesses and supermarkets, in particular, it can be difficult to ensure that everyone shopping in your store is part of their designated shopping times. This solution does the work for you by putting social-safe shopping hours into place by verifying your customers’ age meets the designated shopping hour criteria. Occupancy levels can then be alerted to your staff efficiently with its built-in SMS / messaging alert system. The solution will also deliver a better understanding of your customers and their habits in your stores, demographic data with footfall data.


Sky-Fii: Monitoring customer flow and providing efficiency for your business

Reducing face to face contact

Whether your business is healthcare or retail-based, it’s essential that you put measures in place to keep your employees and customers at ease. The use of an acrylic guardiant is a key solution implemented by many stores. This guardiant creates a safe barrier between your employee behind the till, and the customer paying – ultimately reducing the spread of germs. It is easily portable and functional for a range of business and easy to clean ensuring that your equipment is sanitized and in-line with the latest COVID-19 measures. By providing safer human interactions, this acrylic screen reduces the risk of exposure to respiratory droplets released when coughing and sneezing – a key consideration which workers and employees alike are conscious of.


Protection Shield

Guardiant Shield

Keeping your business premises safe

As your employees begin to return back to work, it will be challenging for businesses to ensure that staffing levels meet the customer demand for different times during the day. Luckily, Jade has a solution which takes the guesswork out of optimizing staff costs by using reporting tools to allow stakeholders and management to remotely monitor occupancy counts, congestion, wait times, and the busiest times in each location. Occupancy Now informs customers with live occupancy counts and communicates your social distancing practices to give your customers confidence that your venues are safe – therefore reducing any prior anxiety they may have. To guarantee your business is in-line with the current sanitization process due to COVID-19, Occupy Now can also help you track whether routine cleaning and sanitization procedures are being performed.

In Summary:

Jade’s OccupancyNow solution combines automated counting technology, a web- based reporting dashboard, and real-time alerting and monitoring to help you:

  • Manage real-time occupancy and social distancing in your venues
  • Track and verify COVID-19 compliance
  • Optimize staffing and cleaning procedures
  • Keep customers informed of COVID-19 initiatives
  • Facilitate contact tracing



Picking the right solution that is best for your business.

covid-19 technology solutions

COVID-19 technology solutions

Reliable solutions to ensure the safety of your customers and employees

Jade Solutions understands that the current guidelines put into place as a result of COVID-19 can be overwhelming, but our solutions are here to add efficiency and performance for your business. By making sure the right tools are in place to prioritise the safety of your employees and customers, you can concentrate on the important factors of your business while letting the most up to date technology do the rest for you. See what we can do for your business. Enquire now.


Rugged tablets

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From in-store handhelds & printers to networking and customer management, all wrapped up with the Jade service.


Some of the largest restaurant & hospitality brands in the UK trust us to manage their IT systems.

Transport & logistics

Whatever you’re moving or warehousing, we have a track record of providing robust & proven IT & device solutions.


We can provide you with the technology needed to turbo-charge your production lines, WIP and deliveries.

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