Real Time Location Systems (RTLS) give you the ability to pinpoint people, containers, products, vehicles and even devices to an accuracy of just a few cm across your facility.

With simple integration to your existing systems, this powerful real-time data can be used to transform manufacturing, warehousing and logistics zones, giving you powerful insights and the ability to transform your processes.

What can you track?


Track employees and visitors around your facility to quickly and instantly understand where they are and report on unusual conditions – such as people within restricted areas. Alert people when they are in danger and pro-actively use data collected to make the work place safer.

Returnable assets

Understand not only where all your assets are, but also how they are being used. Do they spend too long in particular areas? Are they standing out in the yard for extended periods rather than being used. How long does it take for assets to move around your facilities?

Forklifts and other vehicles

Know instantly where all your vehicles are on-site and use the reba-time data to determine how long it takes to travel between locations. Alert drivers of inbound deliveries that require their attention and get immediate alerts when vehicles wander into restricted zones.

Immediate visibility of your inventory

Sewio RTLS provides a full real-time visualization of every asset, tool and material across your entire facility. All tracked assets are visualized on your facility plan with one-foot (30 cm) accuracy and displayed in real-time on any device. Knowing exactly where assets are greatly reduces the time spent looking for missing or misplaced assets or all rejects from a single batch.

Automated Kanban manufacturing

Replace paper Kanban cards with digital eKanban cards that can hold the same information and feature an RTLS tag for the precise real-time position of the card. Through the digitalisation of the Kanban process, the lead time is shortened, fewer employees are needed to cover the operation, the inventory size is reduced, the manual-entry errors are practically eliminated and full real-time visibility of the processes is gained.

Real-time vehicle and asset location

In scenarios where hundreds to thousands of assets (e.g., pallets) are being transported by vehicles such as forklifts, you can achieve a better project ROI by tracking a smaller number of forklifts rather than all the pallets that the forklifts are manipulating. The trick here is to identify the pallets with cameras and barcodes or NFC technology during the loading, pair that information with the forklift, and then simply only track that forklift to be aware of the location of the pallet.

Real-time people guidance

Knowing, in real-time, where your people and visitors are, both in the horizontal and vertical space, improves the processes your workers use to find, pick and put the correct component in the right location. The audio system navigates workers to take the optimal route to the asset in the best picking order possible. If a worker is about to pick an asset that is substitutable from multiple options, the system selects the one in closest proximity. As a result of this, the workers increase their picking rates and save time.

The benefits

Reliably track almost anything

RTLS tags are completely stand-alone, battery powered devices that can be attached to anything you want to track: people, containers, assets and even fork lift vehicles.

<30cm accuracy

Know exactly where your people, assets, goods and vehicles are by pinpointing tags in your warehouse, distribution centre of yard to within 30cm.

Scale with your project

The Sewio system is easy to scale and supports 1,000s of tags in a confined space. Start with a single zone and few tags and scale up the technology as your demands grow.

Fully installed and supported by Jade

The RTLS solution is installed and supported by our existing Jade teams – the same crew that can support your structured cabling, Wi-Fi, CCTV and mobile devices.

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