Rugged Tablets

Almost a decade ago, on the 7th of March 2012 the home computer market changed significantly when Apple introducing the original iPad. Today, this form factor is becoming the standard across retail, hospitality, manufacturing, emergency services and warehousing, where the powerful capabilities and familiar user experience of a tablet computer are combined with a rugged form factor and add-on peripherals to provide users with the tools, they need to get their job done.

Why are rugged tablets increasingly used?

Versatile Mounting

The TOUGHBOOK products have a huge range of mounting cradles and options available that allow devices to attach to practically anything. In addition, cradles and holsters can be made compatible with existing hardware.

Multi-use Device

The computing power of the TOUGHBOOK rugged tablet means there are very few applications that it can’t handle. Couple this with the range of compatible peripherals and you have a single core device that can be put to use across an entire facility.

Complete Service

We offer FOC inspection visits to determine your requirements and our specialist engineers will handle mounting and electrics. Our UK-based support desk will swiftly take care of any issues and offer a 4-day turnaround on damaged devices.

What makes TOUGHBOOK so tough?

The TOUGHBOOK Rugged Tablet, with its rugged casing & screen is designed to operate in dirty/dusty environments and is capable of withstanding the extremes of temperature and vibration.

Key Features

  • Available with Android and Windows operating systems for seamless integration into your operation
  • Complementary accessories such as shoulder, belt & hand straps for extra security
  • Various mounting options available depending on your circumstances
  • Warranty and support – we offer a 4 day turnaround on all repairs
  • They can additionally be provided with hot-swappable batteries, fingerprint authentication, full QWERTY keyboard and RFID and barcode readers for added functionality

Where are rugged tablets being used?

The flexibility of rugged tablets make them accessible across a range of industries, where the familiar form factor and Android or Windows user interface makes them simple for users to pick up and get on with their job.

Transportation and Logistics 

  • Traceability
  • Quality Assurance 
  • Asset and facility
  • Fleet Management
  • Proof of Pick-up and delivery

Public Sector 

  • Improve public safety
  • Monitor personnel
  • Asset management
  • Increase operational efficiency
  • Real-time awareness
  • Dispatch/comms


  • Warehouse and yard management
  • Forklift mounting
  • Receiving /storing/ shipping
  • EDI transactions
  • Returns processing

Field Mobility 

  • Mobile dispatch
  • Maintenance/ inspection
  • Work order mgmt
  • Meter reading
  • Asset tracking
  • Vegetation mgmt


  • Inventory mgmt
  • Mobile point of sale
  • Assisted selling
  • Line busting
  • Price verification


  • Inventory mgmt
  • Safety testing
  • Compliance verification
  • Maintenance service
  • Supply-line replenishment

Case Study – The Pallet Network

The Pallet Network is the UK’s leading pallet freight delivery network, last year shipping 4.6m pallets via their network of 119 regional transport partners and 130+ depot locations.

Technology has always played a huge part in staying competitive in the logistics industry, with mobile solutions forming a critical piece across depots, on-site and for managing vehicles.

So, when TPN were looking to replace the vehicle-mount mobile devices used by their forklift drivers, they turned to Jade to find the right replacement solution.

Assembling your Forklift Solution

Where to mount your device

Restrictions in the amount of space available on a forklift truck, safety related issues, power supply and storage of the peripherals that may accompany a device, means that there are three main areas that a device can be safely mounted.

1. Windscreen: Not all forklifts have solid glass windscreens which can be ideal and also keeps the device within arms’ reach.

2. Overhead guard: This is good for larger devices and in cabs with limited space as the device can be held out of line of sight.

3. Pillar or Support Rail: This keeps the device within arm’s reach and is convenient for docking and undocking device. 

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