Wearable computers

Head-Mounted Tablets (HMTs) offer the ultimate hands-free experience, presenting the equivalent of a 7″ screen directly into the operators field of view. Used in conjunction with the built-in voice recognition, HMTs allow you to perform a variety of manual tasks while having full hands-free access to a powerful head-mounted computer.

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An all-in-one, head-mounted computer

The Head-Mounted Tablet (HMT) is an all-in-one, wearable computer that requires no additional devices or accessories to operate. It features voice recognition, noise cancellation, integrated speakers, 7″ (equivalent) display, 16MP camera (for stills and video) and internal batteries – all packaged within a single unit.

Examples of wearable technology in use

Vehicle / truck safety inspection
Sub contractor progress status checks
Quality assurance inspections
Damaged equipment inspection
Site inspection & walkthroughs
Emergency technical support
Troubleshooting product failures

Remote instruction / support
Root cause digital evidence collection
Digital maintenance record creation
Remote step-by-step guidance
Document manager reviews
Equipment cleaning documentation
Primary backup generator testing
Digital document maintenance

33% reduction in training time

With more data available on the device and immediate video call access back to trained colleagues, field-based staff can get out of the classroom and on to site quicker than previously possible.

20% productivity improvement

Compared to handheld tablets, HMT’s offer significant productivity improvements by keeping your hands free all the time and giving immediate access to the data you need.

Recuciton in incident counts

Operators using HMTs are showing a significant reduction in the amount of on-site incidents, due to having less equipment on their person and being better equipped to tackle the job.

Suitable for use with all forms of headgear

As an official partner of RealWear, we provide their unique Head-Mounted Tablet devices into a range of application areas. These specialised devices provide the wearer with a completely hands-free way to access information, record events or communicate with colleagues in a single, head-mounted piece of equipment that can be worn alone, or works perfectly with soft and hard-hats.

The right app for the job

The Android-powered HMT devices allow us to configure a range of cloud-based apps based on your requirements – all controlled using the built-in voice recognition. This suite of applications gives you the flexibility to: dial in to video calls (one to one or teams), complete forms and be guided by step-by-step workflows, access documents and video clips, query patient records and much more.

Microsoft Teams

Microsoft Teams has become common place on the desktops of millions of people, providing a simple way to host a high quality video call with up to 7 individuals. Teams can be incorporated into the screens of wearable headgear to provide hands-free video calling and allow the wearer to share the front-facing camera view – letting everyone on the call see what they can see.


SimplyVideo is a digital meeting room that can be fully customised to your company and is fully integrated with RealWear products. HD video calls can be dialled manually, by voice command or even via the scanning of a QR code with the headset.

Introducing Hippo …

Jade are delighted to be working with Hippo to bring their hands-free solution for medical first responders. The voice-activated device includes a head-mounted computer with camera providing first responders with access to patient records, potentially life-saving instructions or expert advice from specialists back at the hospital – all while keeping their hands completely free for patient care.

WorkfloPlus forms and workflows

WorkfloPlus from Intoware makes it simple to convert your existing forms and workflows into content that can be viewed and interacted with on your HMT. The system is perfect for remote maintenance and inspections, where items must be disassembled or processed in a particular order, allowing field-based staff to complete forms, upload photos and videos and access supporting documents.

We offer wearable devices that are at the cutting edge of technology. They’re intuitive to use so that operators can focus on their work rather than figuring out how to use the technology.

Talk to us about wearable computers


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